Entertainment Tax: Information and Necessity To Pay!

“We will do out best to entertain the audience”. This is the motto of every movie maker because if the film is not entertaining then it will be a big flop and that gets a bad name for the director, stars and a big loss for the producer. Now no one wants that! Instead, if the film is entertaining then actors get fame, the director gets appreciated and producer gets richer. Entertainment is vital for us too as it keeps us happy and takes us to a different world and breaks the monotonous daily life. So be entertained 24 x 7 using the Movie Box App For iOS

What are taxes?

Taxes are a compulsory contribution from every individual that earns either by job or business or any means to the state revenue and it is generated by the government. They are every individual’s contribution to the betterment of the country.

Why should we pay taxes?

Taxes seem to be a heavy demand or strain from our government’s side and may appear like a burden that is why many people hide their money as to avoid paying taxes. We should never do that. If we do not pay our tax then the government will have no money and then there can be no improvement in the society. We want better roads, better footpaths, trees planted for shade, parks made for kids, better infrastructure, better local vehicles but how will that be possible if we hide the money required for it? Many say that government has black money and why should we pay tax if they will not use it for us? But if we hide money and not pay taxes that is also black money and even we are then being corrupt.

What is Entertainment Tax?

Entertainment Taxes

Entertainment tax is the tax levied by the government on every film that gets a wide release in India are is deducted from the gross collection. It falls in the List 2 of the Seventh Schedule of Constitution of India and it is exclusively reserved as a revenue source for the state government. It is different in different states. But states like Assam, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Rajasthan, Punjab and Uttarakhand it is nil. It is also applicable for big shows and private celebrations that house large audience.

Why is Entertainment tax paid?

Entertainment tax is paid because the making of movies, theaters, maintenance of assets used by movie making people comes all under the government. App creators like MovieBox and Hotstar also need to pay taxes since they make big money using advertising. The entertainment industry earns a lot so their contribution is a big amount. This helps the state government to improve infrastructure, build schools for the poor and help the state people to cope up with various problems they might be facing. The tax money may not be completely used as there are many corrupt officials but even if 10% is being used we should be proud that we are a part of that.

No one should hide money just to save tax. That is illegal and punishable. That is morally wrong too. We should be responsible citizens and regularly contribute to the betterment of our nation.

How to Select Mountain Bike Tires

Mountain biking is one of the growing adventure sports in the recent times. Youngsters are quite attracted to the sport and love to ride their bikes on mountains. However, the bike tires that you use make a huge difference on how you ride a bike. But before that, you must actually know how to choose a mountain bike tire and on what factors to make your decision to buy it. Let’s check out how you can select the bike tires based upon factors that are useful to you. Following are 5 simple steps which will help you in selecting the best tires for your mountain bike.

Tires For Mountain Bike

Diameter of the Tire

Diameter is very important while you are selecting a tire for your mountain bike. You can find the size of your current tire as it is given on its side walls. You need to select one which has the same diameter as of now. However, you can also go for a different size but it all depends on which trail you are going on and how long the journey is.

Tube or Tubeless Tires

This is also a major factor while choosing a mountain bike tire for you. Tubeless tires are the best for a lot of reasons no matter whether it is a bike, motorbike or a car. When there is no tube in the tire, there is no risk of flattening the tube in the first place. All the small punctures are sealed using the sealant inside the tire.

Your Riding Style

The way you ride your bike also plays a huge role in what tire you must choose. If there are multiple styles of riding, choose the most aggressive kind of riding style and then buy a tire according to that. This will ensure that the tire which you choose will match your needs. There is less chance of wear and tear if your tire matches your riding style.

Your Riding Terrain

Where you will be riding your best mountain bikes will be an essential factor in deciding on which tire to buy. You must first decide and think upon which kind of roads or terrains you will be riding your bikes on. After you decide it, you can easily choose which tire you want to buy. If the terrain is rough and patchy, you need to choose a tire according to that so that it lasts long and provides good grip.


Lastly, it comes down on to what priorities you have regarding your mountain bike. You need to be sure of what purposes you will be using the bike for. Then, you must ensure that the priorities you have are fulfilled with the tires you want to buy.


These factors and steps will help you decide in a better way as to which tire you must buy for your mountain bike. You must properly access all the points so that you can buy the tire that is perfect for your good mountain bikes.

The Shaggs: Philosophy of the World

Taking place between 1969 and 1973, The Shaggs: Philosophy of the World is an earnest look at one of the oddest and most unlikely bands to achieve rock cult status. Forced by a demanding father, the three very awkward sisters of the Wiggin family of Fremont, New Hampshire were prepped to play in a band based on a prophecy laid out by their grandmother. Taken out of school and away from all outside influences, the Wiggin family patriarch pushed the girls to practice non-stop until he thought they were ready to record an album and perform concerts. They were not. They never were, but they did, and this wholly original musical chronicles their beginnings while incorporating songs influenced by The Shaggs’ canon, as well as a re-imagining of their “hit single” Philosophy of the World.